We are Britpanj Ltd based in London, United Kingdom. We are a media production company and we deal in Audio, Video and Digital Productions. Our team is formed ofr individuals based in India, Australia, Canada, Norway, UAE and the United Kingdom. Our work is based on your requirements, we choose the designers, producers, develpors as per the choice and level of your work. We understand your need and our specific team starts working on it. So far, our team has an experience of 15 years managing different business and individuals.

Our clients have always worked with us as partners as we learn from them. In the field of creativity, there are infinite options and unknown ways to do one thing and that what we learn four clients ans we convert their idea into reality. Our list of clients isn't that long but its static as we believe in long lasting relationship with businesses instead of jumping from one to another.


Gurtej Singh Thukral

a.k.a Tej

CEO Britpanj Ltd

Gurtej is a former Radio Jockey and  TV Anchor with an experience of 15 years in different disciplines of media management, productions & advising. He is a qualified sound engineer with almost 2300 audio productions for Radio stations, TV Channels and other businesses. He also advices businesses on managing the promotion and branding of products as well as maintaining and promoting a popular figure and public reputation. He currently resides in London, United Kingdom but natively he belongs to Punjab, India.

The only worry you should do is about others, who care for you in terms of love and money, bottomline, your parents and your clients 

-Gurtej Singh Thukral